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“Know the Strength of Yang, but keep the Care of Yin” is perhaps one of the most fundamental tenants of Asian Medicine- what most people experience as acupuncture. Our goal is to both strengthen the protective and upright aspects of the mind & body, as well as nourish the sensitive and vital resources that are the core of our being. The “return to the Infinite,” or wholeness one might say, is an underling principle that I constantly strive for, both for myself and in my practice. Sometimes that involves working on every-day obstacles like back pain or digestive issues, and at other times, or concurrently, delving into deeper and often invisible wounds inflicted upon us from trauma and isolation that our society tends to proliferate. Physical pain often carries a psychological component, and psychological stress and trauma can induce physical pain- I am here to help you find ease in both arenas. For more about my philosophy and practice modalities, see below the scheduling and location details.

My schedule is as follows: On Tuesdays from 10am-6pm, and Fridays from 9am-5pm I am at the Gorge Community Wellness Center in Troutdale. I work alongside a team of naturopaths, and we can do in-house blood screening. We are located at 330 SE 3rd st, Troutdale, OR. 

On Wednesdays, from 10am-6pm, I am available through the Herb Shoppe Pharmacy at 3912 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, for both acupuncture treatment and herbal consultation. 


You can schedule with me online with the button below, or call me to set something up at 707 888 2404.

 Online scheduling


Payment Details:

Currently I am in-network with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, OHP, and Providence, and in the credentialing process with several other insurance plans.

My normal out of pocket rates are as follows:

  • $110 for initial hour-and-a-half treatments
  • $85 for hour-long follow-up acupuncture treatments.
  • $90 for an hour of Tui Na massage.
  • 6-treatment package special: $300 upfront for 6 scheduled treatments.
  • Herbs will be charged accordingly, generally ranging in the $10-$30 range for two-weeks worth of herbs. 
  • Facial Rejuvenation treatments I sell in packages of 6 or 12 which are discussed in detail here.


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~About my philosophy and practice~

My primary concern in the clinic room is to see the whole patient, identify any imbalances, alleviate presenting symptoms, and step by step bring you back into dynamic equilibrium- what most people identify as “health”. We all have areas where we tend to slip into imbalance, and often times we are able to function in a less than ideal state, but with a little bit of help, we can learn to really thrive. This is what I offer you as a practitioner of this ancient medicine. I have an emphasis on the mental and emotional aspects of this medicine, pain management and sports medicine, and I also offer facial rejuventation treatments.


Systems and Methods : Japanese Meridian Therapy, 5-Elements Theory, and fractal mapping. 

palpationI’ve been trained in Japanese Meridian therapy which focuses on gentle, and often non-penatritive practices. It’s an excellent medium for those who are a bit needle-shy. It is similar in diagnosis to 5-Elements Theory in that it draws from classic texts deeply and utilizes the relational aspects of the Chinese 5 elements to draw a theory of physiology and pathology. Both schools of acupuncture theory are strong in the mind-body connection aspect, thus are great for problems which are of both worlds, which they often are. Japanese Meridian Therapy is also a prominent hands on approach, utilizing palpation as an essential tool in diagnosis. Additionally, this style involves a number of different moxabustion techniques not found in most Chinese based practices. Moxabustion is the use of burning mugwort over or on certain points for therapeutic effect. I do not use the “Chinese cigars” as I refer to them- long cigar shaped rolls of mugwort (stem and all) that are traditionally waved over a point or area- because they stink and produce excessive amounts of smoke that in my opinion are as bad as second-hand cigarette smoke. The Japanese techniques involve burning smaller amounts of refined mugwort placed very delicately over a specific point with some herbal salve in accordance with the treatment plan. The resulting smell is uplifting and conducive to a healing environment. I have worked with numerous people with allergies and respiratory ailments with no problems, and the effect is much more needle-like in its point specificity. The addition of heat in this form has tremendous benefit, particularly for problems that are cold in nature. Pain, poor-circulation, and chronic issues are often “cold” conditions.

I use the term fractal mapping to refer to both ear acupuncture and scalp acupuncture, both of which had been developed to an extent by classical Chinese physicians, but also have been dramatically expanded by modern practitioners. In essence, our bodies are holograms of themselves (and the Universe classically speaking), with organs like the ear and the tongue being reflectors of various organs and parts of the body. The tongue has been for centuries used as an important diagnostic tool, along with pulse which also reflects various internal organs. The ear, with it’s Fibonacci-spiral shape and ease of access on the head lends itself as a perfect tool for mapping the body onto such that the fine needles of this medicine can accurately pin-point areas of disease and imbalance that often reveal themselves in the auricular landscape. Another much newer method of mapping the use of pinning or threading areas that correspond with the various parts of the brain that neurology has revealed have manifestations on the scalp surface. These two modalities lend themselves well to complex situations that often benefit from a varied approach. They have been used very effectively in modern clinics for trauma, addiction, hormonal problems, and pain management. 

I hope to see you and look forward to helping to find your optimal health, balance, and grace.

Patrick Garretson L.Ac. #175997