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The blog of infinite musings (in descending chronological order):
The Tyranny of our Time
The Tyranny of our Time pt. 2
Blood Moon in PISCES
Uncharted Waters

The Path of Edged Metal
The Bright Blessings of Brighid
The 5-fold Path
The Archer’s Meditation (Season of Wood/Spring)
Tending the Fires within and without pt. 1 (Season of Fire/Summer)
Tending the Fires within and without pt. 2 
Thinking too much about your grief is bad for your Spleen (Season of Earth & Metal/Fall) 
Courage to Face the Storm (Season of Water/Winter)
Strength in Each


Below are selected poems that I’m to happy share openly, all works copyright of Patrick Garretson. Firecircle poems and prayers are free to be used in circle so long as they are committed to memory and given from the heart. Soon I will have a pdf download of all my poetry- “Thoughts of Soul-Searching Solutionary.”



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