I’ve been a bit behind in my intended goal to blog about my take on the 5-elements as they unfold in their respective seasons, and how to utilize that wisdom in our personal and collective struggles. As I wrote in Tending the Fires Within and Without, recharge is a necessary element in following our passion […]

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As mentioned in part 1 of this blog, there are numerous “Yang” forms of recharge that I think are equally valid methods of cultivating resilience as more “Yin” forms like adequate rest and down-time. This is not to say that the former are any more recommended than the later- on the contrary, we cannot have […]

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  This summer has been an incredibly busy one for me, with an above average work week where I’ve been on the verge of burnout more than a few times. As a dedicated fire priest however, this is familiar territory, as I’ve been participating in extended fire rituals and festivals during the summer months most of […]

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As we emerge from the clutches of Winter- the Water cycle in Taoism- and enter into the rising energies of Spring and the Wood cycle, I look around and see our nation wrapped in turmoil and heated political debate, as well as friends and family struggling to maintain balance and hope during the tumult. As […]

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This past holiday season seems to have been a particularly internal one this year, for myself and many people who I’ve spoken with. Now as 2016 begins to emerge, I feel the call to look forward into this cycle and prepare for the next chapter in my life which for me personally will be a […]

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Some very intense and challenging conversations have been going in my community recently, as I’m sure they are in just about every community these days. In the face of the many crisises unfolding around us at this time, it can be difficult to hold compassion and a sense of hope for humanity. It is not […]

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I’m going to go out on a limb here an post a blog about this upcoming Blood Moon that will be occurring in the observable constellation of Pisces. Many other astrologers have published blogs about this event happening in Aries- because their books tell them so. However a Sidereal astrologer, or anyone else who pays […]

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As promised in my previous post, I want to discuss what I see in the stars regarding this coming year, as well as a bit about what happened last year. It is ironic to me that in spite of having little personal attachment to New Year as a holiday, I am taking on a very […]

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  I’ve been threatening to start a blog for sometime now, and it seems appropriate to start my first entry on the eve before what looks to be a very interesting and dynamic year- the 2015th Gregorian year after the theoretical incarnation of Jesus of Nazereth. As a primer to much of the blogging that […]