Fire Magick
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As mentioned in part 1 of this blog, there are numerous “Yang” forms of recharge that I think are equally valid methods of cultivating resilience as more “Yin” forms like adequate rest and down-time. This is not to say that the former are any more recommended than the later- on the contrary, we cannot have […]

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  This summer has been an incredibly busy one for me, with an above average work week where I’ve been on the verge of burnout more than a few times. As a dedicated fire priest however, this is familiar territory, as I’ve been participating in extended fire rituals and festivals during the summer months most of […]

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“Every day and every night That I say the genealogy of Brigit, I shall not be killed, I shall not be injured, I shall not be enchanted, I shall not be cursed, Neither shall my power leave me.” ~the Carmina Gadelica Imbolc is upon us once again, and this year in particular I feel Brighid’s influence […]

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I have set high sail On a quest for the Holy Grail Sneaking a peak behind the Veil Of the Mystery of Life and Love Lured by the Spirit that calls from Above Whispering words of wisdom on the wings of a Dove I find myself fascinated by the flesh As with the scent of […]

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  The Fires are rising As a frolicking flock of freaks Finding new and old friends form a fantabulous family of freedom Spiraling, spinning, soaring to new heights  in a psycho-active system like a spinney, succulent sedum Mesmerized in the mass-mind of merry-makers who just might remember your name when you meet ‘em The Gods […]

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 “Fire is one of the five primal powers, transformative tool of the Southern Watchtowers.” Why the Firecircle? One of the most galvanizing forces in the evolution of human consciousness is the gift of fire. Something happens to our mind and heart when we gather in community around a fire. And more importantly, when we gather […]