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Blowing in the wind

As spring emerges into it’s fullness, I am reminded of the thing which initially sparked my enthusiasm for acupuncture and Chinese medicine- allergies. Most of us come to this medicine because of some healing story from our life, whether our own or someone close to us, that changed the way we see our bodies and […]

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The Courage to Face the Storm (Season of Water/Winter)

  It’s a chilly, quiet day here on the darkest day of the year as I sit and ponder what to say about self-care in regards to the 5-elements view of Water and the season of Winter. There’s a deep well of metaphors and insight that emerge anytime we begin speaking of water, particularly in the […]

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As we emerge from the clutches of Winter- the Water cycle in Taoism- and enter into the rising energies of Spring and the Wood cycle, I look around and see our nation wrapped in turmoil and heated political debate, as well as friends and family struggling to maintain balance and hope during the tumult. As […]