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“Every day and every night That I say the genealogy of Brigit, I shall not be killed, I shall not be injured, I shall not be enchanted, I shall not be cursed, Neither shall my power leave me.” ~the Carmina Gadelica Imbolc is upon us once again, and this year in particular I feel Brighid’s influence […]

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I have set high sail On a quest for the Holy Grail Sneaking a peak behind the Veil Of the Mystery of Life and Love Lured by the Spirit that calls from Above Whispering words of wisdom on the wings of a Dove I find myself fascinated by the flesh As with the scent of […]

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  The Fires are rising As a frolicking flock of freaks Finding new and old friends form a fantabulous family of freedom Spiraling, spinning, soaring to new heights  in a psycho-active system like a spinney, succulent sedum Mesmerized in the mass-mind of merry-makers who just might remember your name when you meet ‘em The Gods […]

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This Pagan Food Blessing is my Bardically altered version of a food blessing taught to me by a former member of the Ravenheart household.   Holy Mother Earth Yours is the power to grow, to heal, to destroy, to give birth We conjure you now by seed and by root, by flower, flesh and by […]

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e prepared to be mystified And thoroughly and wholely wordified For what I am about to confide Is 100% Biodynamically certified As I vocalize My soul flies In sweet surprise As my tongue tries To verbalize All that lives and dies On the Earth, and in the luminescent skies I revel and I roll in […]