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The Fires are rising

As a frolicking flock of freaks

Finding new and old friends form a fantabulous family of freedom

Spiraling, spinning, soaring to new heights  in a psycho-active system

like a spinney, succulent sedum

Mesmerized in the mass-mind of merry-makers who just might remember your name when you meet ‘em

The Gods are good, and gracious when you greet ‘em

So feel free, and feed ‘em

Feed ‘em with the love in your eyes, the dance in your arms, hips, and thighs, WILD ECSTATIC CRIES, and pulsating rhythm uprise that even in the SILENCE….

…never dies…

As I broke on through

I knew

This is family, and

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

And all I want to do, is be blessed and blissed in this beautiful boiling stew

The light I see shining through

Each and every one of you

So clear and calm, centered and true

So strangely familiar yet new

Is pure beauty in the night until the sky turns blue

And then up comes our radiating, electromagnetic, central, stellar mass

And we conclude our gyrating, pro-genetic, centripetal cellular mass

And prepare our bodies for another solar pass

It all seems to move so fast

Yet I can hardly distinguish between first and last

As we travel together through space and time

Reeling each other round with rhythm and rhyme

Venus has blessed this venture with her vibe

And all who have that are truly my tribe

With Mercury and the Sun

And the consciousness of the One

The bright, blessed Moon

With her beautiful, bountiful boon

Mars and all the Stars

Both above and below

I have come to know

That between Jupiter and Saturn

There is this universal unified yearn

For the beauty we can create

So long as we caste aside all fear, judgment, and hate

It’s not to late

To disintegrate

Our fuct-up, foretold fate

That says that we are doomed for the fruit that Eve ate

We can build, or grow, heavens gate

If you sit in the peace of stillness and silence and wait…

And then propagate power with the proper mate

See God in the fire, in the Sun, in yourself, and everything and every one

And as we break on through

There’ll be nothing left to say or do


I Love You

I Love You

I Love you

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