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The Flowform…

Its a beautiful art form, yet a dynamic technology. It is Nature’s heart, yet humans crafted it. It contains mysteries within it, yet is an open book. It is infinitely complex, yet amazingly simple. And it wants to sing for you…

Flowform water-sculptures are a kind of bio-mimicry technology and art form invented by A. John Wilkes in the early seventies. They derive their inspiration and design directly from the book of nature, specifically from Water itself. Wilkes and his colleagues observed water’s tendency toward certain rhythmical states as well as its capacity to create coherent vorticular patterns and concluded this to be a necessary process in water’s self-cleansing and life-supporting function.

Their studies included an exploration of Projective Geometry, which has at its core the idea that parallel lines meet at the point of infinity. Their work also has a strong connection to the famous though ill-fated Victor Schauberger. Schauberger’s work with water and natural forces had strong implications into far flung realms such as energy production, farming, economics, and spirituality. The flowform likewise is deeply connected to almost every aspect of our lives and has numerous applications. Pictured below are flowform installations I created between the years of 2007-2010 as the key agent in California Flowform Artisans. CFA’s work can still be seen at www.californiaflowforms.org The main screen shot is from the Davis Cemetery District, in Davis, CA, perhaps one of the most poetic applications of flowform sculptures.

If you are interested in flowforms for your garden, farm, winery, retreat center, cemetery, waste water facility, food processing plant, or just for your home or business of any sort, please feel free to contact me at patrick@patrickgarretson.com with a brief description of your site and desired uses.

An extended Sevenfold II at the Grgich Hills Estate Vineyard, American Canyon, CA.


Emerson 1 and 2 (large and small) in a Biodynamic education garden, Benziger Family Winery, Glen Ellen, CA.


A partial Sevenfold II as a part the Global Healing Village yoga space at Earthdance 2008.


The Vortex (lightweight) for mixing agricultural teas and sprays.


The Malmo as a sound screen for an apartment complex on a busy street, San Francisco, CA.


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