Fire Magick
Grail Seeker
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I have set high sail

On a quest for the Holy Grail

Sneaking a peak behind the Veil

Of the Mystery of Life and Love

Lured by the Spirit that calls from Above

Whispering words of wisdom on the wings of a Dove

I find myself fascinated by the flesh

As with the scent of a Rose so fresh

And like a fish caught in the Kings fine mesh

I surrender myself to Death and Rebirth

And turn my Heart to this Holy Mother Earth

In gratitude for food and fire at my hearth

As I grapple with the reality of incarnation

I find solace in science and spiritual explanation

For the meaning of my being in this iteration

I hear the subtle secrets of the sages

Are riddled with poetry throughout the ages

And speak of our descent and ascension in stages

What the Initiates have always known

Was once planted in me and now has grown

Into a Tree of Life, with seeds to be sown

I witness the ways of the world which weigh down upon our soul

As well as the ways of the Spirit which enlighten and make whole

Just as the Earth makes precious diamonds out of coal

And so into this secret sacred chalice

Free from all greed hatred and malice

I erect a potentized pyramidal palace

For in truth, it is the Fire in the Middle

Within every Vortex, very large and very little

That is the answer to this most ancient riddle

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