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Be prepared to be mystified
And thoroughly and wholely wordified
For what I am about to confide
Is 100% Biodynamically certified

As I vocalize
My soul flies
In sweet surprise
As my tongue tries
To verbalize
All that lives and dies
On the Earth, and in the luminescent skies

I revel and I roll in the rhyme
As I travel tactfully through time
Leaning languidly upon each new line


On their own
Not mine
Disintegrate and deregulate the drone
Of the terrible television groan

As I search for truth of word
I unlock a caged bird
That so few have heard

Singin' and ringin' with the gifts she's bringin'
Springin' into a Spirit speech
Trusting in the truth a twisting tongue can teach
Life is a beach
And forest and desert and an ocean and a stream
A dance of a dream
Riding on the wave of a Sunbeam
Vibrating from a particle to a ray
Brighten each new shining day
So the children can play
Display, a song of sound and sight
Revealing our beauty so bright
And realize it as our sacred right
So that in the darkness of the night
We can bring forth the children of light
Bring forth the children of Love
Bring forth the children of Life

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