The Blood Moon in Pisces
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I’m going to go out on a limb here an post a blog about this upcoming Blood Moon that will be occurring in the observable constellation of Pisces. Many other astrologers have published blogs about this event happening in Aries- because their books tell them so. However a Sidereal astrologer, or anyone else who pays heed to the stars, would be able to look up in the sky this Sunday night and see it happening in Pisces. There has been much hullabaloo about this Blood Moon- a term for a full Lunar eclipse- signifying yet another “end of the world”. This is perhaps due to the fact that this is the fourth of a tetrad of Blood Moons that have occurred in the last year and a half, and they’ve coincided with the Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkot. However, eight other tetrads in the last 2000 years have coincided with Jewish holidays without the world unraveling, so there’s no reason to presume this will produce any significant cataclysmic event. That’s just not how it works, as much as some people would like to believe.

That said, we do live in unprecedented times. The sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history is well underway, the oceans are on the verge of ecological collapse, human population is higher than ever in recorded history, the climate is changing like we’ve not experienced since the end of the last Ice Age, and our ability to share information has exploded with technological advances coming in leaps and bounds. Surely, an apocalypse is upon us in the most literal sense of “unveiling” from the word’s Greek origin. Our perceptions and ability to know have reached all-time highs, while at the same time we’ve finally pushed the world’s carrying capacity to it’s limit because of a false belief in unlimited growth and human superiority over all things. In astrological language, this fits with the idea of moving from the Age of Pisces, ruled by belief, into the Age of Aquarius, ruled by knowledge.

And so this Blood Moon in Pisces does seem to be significant in that all that we have been lead to believe through centuries of dogma and disinformation is coming unraveled. Aside from the Sun-Moon opposition that characterizes every eclipse, there is a high degree of polarization and squaring happening in the planetary aspects on this Blood Moon, generating a lot of friction and conflict. The Christian right are showing their true colors as bigoted, arrogant, hateful people vying for power, while a new Pope sits in the Vatican who upholds the teachings of Christ perhaps better than any of his predecessors and acknowledges that much of the Christian dogma has been false. Perhaps more than ever in American politics, the divergence is wider between belief-driven fanaticism of characters running for the Republican nomination, and reasonable, real-thinking people on the Democratic platform. Strangely enough, it seems more attention is being paid to the fanatics than to those who are actually addressing issues at hand. More than ever, we need leadership that will address these massive issues head-on. But beyond that, we also need to step into the fray and fight for truth and justice.

Numerous traditional cultures it should be noted, did not celebrate on eclipses, but rather saw them as ominous signs and times for more meditative, internal work and opportunities for new energies to emerge once the eclipse has past. I have observed in my own studies that seeds will not germinate on an eclipse. So a full Lunar eclipse is an appropriate time to go inward and ponder, what beliefs are we casting aside that no longer serve? What vestige of the old paradigm are we still operating with that is ready to die and be reborn? What new knowledge do we possess that can be utilized to heal our ailing planet and society? While it is unlikely to be a hallmark of any kind of sudden shift in our reality, it is relevant to ask yourself on this Blood Moon- how do you like the apocalypse so far?

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