The Myco-Sphere
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The Myco-Sphere

What is it that keeps us connected? Is the Earth beneath our feet aware and sentient? Is there a great, intelligent design that we’re all a part of?

In recent years, certain scientific discoveries have been leading to a greater awareness of the vast interconnected web that supports life on this planet. It has becoming increasingly clear, to those who can see the pieces of the puzzle, that Nature is very intelligently constructed in such a way that with the right pieces in place, it has the capacity to repair and regenerate itself quite readily. The keys to this process- and to our survival as a species- are to be found in a variety of means that utilize and mimic Nature’s ways.

One of these that has shown immense benefit, to both the planet and people, is within the realm of the illustrious mushroom. For millenia, mushrooms have captured our fascination in faerie tails, frightened and expanded our senses with their lethal and mind-altering capacities, tantalized our tasted buds with myriad flavors and textures, and healed our ills with an ostensibly infinite arsenal of bio-chemical compounds that combat diseases and toxins alike.

For the past seven years, I have been actively engaged in study and applications of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms for planetary and personal health. Studying under fungal superstars such as Christopher Hobbs, Paul Stamets, and Mia Maltz, I have pieced together a comprehensive presentation of how fungi can alleviate a great many of the problems that we face as a planet. The full scope of my presentation ranges from awarenss-shifting lecture on this new science, hands-on activities for home-scale log innoculation, mushroom identification techniques, and more.

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