Below is a list of success stories from previous and current patients and clients:


Amanda Leitner, Certified Massage Therapist & Somatic Practitioner

“Patrick is a natural healer and a talented, intuitive acupuncturist. Past experience in which acupuncture had been physically uncomfortable left me hesitant at first about starting acupuncture back up. But Patrick’s gentle approach and thorough communication helped me overcome my trepidations. Now I have had the privilege of working with him across several years, and have felt much relief after our sessions together, for issues ranging from muscle aches to stress to digestive disturbances. His work addressing my gall bladder inflammation may well have spared me from invasive medical intervention. He is particularly knowledgeable about herbal remedies, both Eastern and Western, and he does a great job at explaining the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective to my curious mind. His cheerful, kind, trustworthy demeanor gives him a wonderful bedside manner. Portland, you are lucky to have him!”

K. Young, MS candidate at Yale School of Forestry:

To refer to Patrick as a “healer” is only part of the package: he is an artist, an empath. A TRUE healer, who has faithfully and humbly performed his work with the utmost care for his patients. From severe allergic symptoms, to stress-related chronic pain, to subtle nuances of psychological baggage carried through this journey called Life, Patrick has humbly, accurately, and attentively treated not just my symptoms but treated my whole being in an integrated approach to healing so seldom found these days. He weaves his subtle art forms of acupuncture and Chinese medicine into a tapestry of profound healing when you need the real deal the most. I am forever in gratitude for Patrick’s healing hands and empathetic spirit in my life. I hold all who follow to his standard of care, which is no small feat, when in the end, I’ll always just go back to Patrick. Try his work once, you’ll never look for another.


Nicole Grabos, California State Certified Rape Crisis Counselor:

I began treatment with Patrick in the early summer of 2014 at AIMC, after surviving a sexual assault. Physically and mentally depleted, suffering from depression and sleeplessness, I placed myself in Patrick’s care. Physical ailments are problematic, but when they are rooted in trauma, it takes a person of skill and compassion to address these problems at their core. After many months of treatment, he was able to revitalize my body and spirit, providing me a safe space to heal and grow. Today, I work with young woman and men who are sexual assault survivors, which would have been impossible without Patrick’s support. I would encourage anyone to receive care from this skilled practitioner, to nourish their body, and have the opportunity to thrive.”


Sara Hart, MSOM candidate at Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine College Berkeley:

“It is hard to put into words how much transformation occurred for me with regular acupuncture treatments. I came to Patrick for PTSD from domestic violence. Prior to acupuncture, I had done a lot of psychotherapy but I still didn’t have a handle on my nervous system. I would experience a trigger and I would get stuck in fight-or-flight – unable to breathe, crying, and shaking. When I wasn’t triggered, my energy was so low that I couldn’t do my normal activities. I also had terrible body odor.

Patrick’s kind presence and gentle needling technique helped me to get unstuck from my stressful emotions and change my life. I would walk out of his treatment room feeling grounded, centered, and able to take a sigh-of-relief. Over my course of treatments with Patrick, I became more resilient to stressful events. I can now move through emotions, feel calm, sleep better, and focus on work. Overall, I am more present in everything I do. My energy is high and I can live a full and active life! And now that my body is balanced, I no longer stink!

I miss him in Berkeley! Portland is blessed to have his healing hands!”


Clifford Muerer, Operations Manager at Books Aloud:

“Patrick has done several readings for me which opened my mind to new ways of looking at charts. Each time, using both wisdom and intuition, the information was presented in a clear, concise manner. I’ve listened to each of these recordings many times. These readings have been extremely helpful in understanding myself and my relationships. I am so grateful for Patrick’s readings.”